The Fight for Medicare for All
  • Is a fight between universal healthcare at a lower cost, and the most expensive system in the world that has left 80 million people without adequate insurance;
  • Is a fight between candidates who serve their constituents, and candidates who serve their political donors;
  • Is a fight between your voters and the most powerful industries in America.
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Why Medicare for All University?

There’s a simple reason why we’re sicker and poorer than we should be. The for-profit healthcare system in the US holds back our economy, keeps wages flat, and is responsible for the death of people who were never able to access the treatments or medications they desperately needed.

The blame for our broken healthcare system lies squarely on the industries that reap enormous profit from it while adding no value, and the politicians who have folded to their political influence. We created Medicare for All University to help candidates who are willing to stand up and say enough is enough, and who want to run on a positive vision for healthcare.

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