About Medicare for All University

 About Medicare for All University

Medicare for All University is designed to do a few things:

  • Help you understand why Medicare for All is the most efficient way to design our health care system,
  • Explain its impact on workers, business owners, and the economy,
  • Demonstrate that it’s more than good policy, its good politics,
  • Provide you with answers to the most common questions and attack lines around Medicare for All.

About The Business Initiative for Health Policy

The Business Initiative for Health Policy is a public education and advocacy effort focused on advancing the business and economic rationale for adopting a Medicare for All system in the United States, the only developed nation in the world without guaranteed universal healthcare.

BIHP believes that the current profit-driven healthcare system poses an existential threat to American business, particularly small and mid-sized businesses, and that its continuation will lower profits for business owners, adversely affect innovation and entrepreneurialism, depress wages for millions of working Americans creating drag on the economy, and hamper international competitiveness.

BIHP further believes that a Medicare for All health care system is the only way to ensure a healthy citizenry, which is both a basic building block of a stable and prosperous nation and an essential component of enduring competitive advantage in the global economy.


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