How to Win on Medicare for All

How to win on Medicare For All

A Note to Candidates: You’re Right.

There’s good news and bad news about the opposition to Medicare for All.

The bad news is, that as a Medicare for All candidate, you’re opponents will be well funded and unscrupulous. They won’t be afraid to twist the truth or outright lie in their campaign to preserve the for-profit health care system.

The good news is that they’re predictable.

We know exactly the kinds of questions they’re going to ask, the accusations they’ll throw around, and the lies they will tell.

This section is designed to make sure you’re ready with answers. Whether you’re asked a question by a reporter looking to know more about your platform, answering an opponent on a debate stage, or responding to an accusation made in an attack ad, you’ll be ready to defend your position on Medicare for All, and explain your positive vision for the American healthcare system.

But here’s an important place to start: If you’re running on Medicare for All, you are right, and your opponent is wrong.

The healthcare system is hurting the economy your voters work in, the communities they live in, and the businesses they own or work for. It’s swallowing up the money that could be in their pocket, it’s the number one cause of personal bankruptcy, it’s limiting job growth and hurting our international competitiveness, and it’s keeping workers from getting a raise.

The facts are on your side. You’re fighting for your voters. The health care industry is fighting to protect their profits.

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