About Those Campaign Donations…

How to win on Medicare for All

Why you shouldn’t take money from for-profit healthcare companies

There are a lot of bad actors in our healthcare system.

  • People like Martin Shkreli may have grabbed headlines and become infamous, but they’re just a symptom of a wider problem.
  • Pharmaceutical and insurance companies don’t play fair.
    • They create Super PACs, and make signifiant campaign donations to both sides of the aisle.
    • They steer organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, against the better interest of the rest of their members.
    • They fund massive public disinformation campaigns to scare people.
    • They spend millions lobbying to make sure that nothing will ever limit their ability to charge insane prices, earn record profits, and get rich at the expense of the American people and economy.

Making a pledge not to take any campaign dollars from these interest groups is the only way to be truly committed to Medicare for All.