Everyone Would Have Better Insurance.

How to win on Medicare for All

Medicare for All is Better Than the Insurance You Have at Work.

Tying health insurance to employment is hurting workers and businesses.

Do you know where your raise went? Right into your insurance premium.

  • Every year, more and more of your compensation becomes the cost of your health insurance plan.

  • Even if you do get a raise, it might not match the extra money you’re putting into your healthcare plan, and your take home pay can shrink.

Want a job after you turn 50? 

  • It might be hard, because you’ve just become twice as expensive to insure.

You might think you like your health insurance plan, if you’ve never had to use it. 

  • When you do, you’ll see what you’re paying out of pocket in co-pays, premiums, and prescription costs. Or maybe you’ll realize how high your deductible is.
  • Even with “good” insurance, it’s possible to end up financially ruined by medical bills. In fact, they’re the number one cause of personal bankruptcy in the US.

We can do better. 

  • It’s possible to provide comprehensive coverage and eliminate unpredictable health care costs, while saving families money.
    • And who knows, you might even get a raise!

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