It’s Great for Business

How to win on Medicare for All

Medicare for All is Great for Business

Insurance and pharmaceutical companies are getting rich on the back of every other sector of the economy.

Small and mid-sized businesses are paying more and more year after year to keep their employees insured.

  • On average, it costs $17,545 per year to cover a single employee’s family plan.
    • That money can’t go into job creation, wage growth, business expansion, investment in new technologies, or keeping their prices competitive.
  • Businesses are competing with international companies that don’t have health insurance benefits build into their overhead costs.
    • In a global economy, we shouldn’t be adding this enormous costs to the overhead of American businesses.
  • Businesses are spending resources contracting with insurance companies, managing health benefits, and even frequently having to switch health plans to try and manage costs.
    • We could completely eliminate that burden.


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