Medicare for All Isn’t Anything Like the DMV

How to win on Medicare for All

Medicare for All Isn’t Anything Like the DMV

Opponents of Medicare for All love to ask “Do you want your healthcare running like the DMV?”  to make you believe that the system would be a bureaucratic mess. No one likes spending time at the DMV, and most people think of it as an example of an inefficient government run program. Luckily, Medicare for All is nothing like that.

There’s an easy answer: Under a Medicare for All system, healthcare would still be privately delivered!

  • In fact, the system would be significantly more simple.
    • You’d be able to go to the medical provider of your choice, without worrying if they were in network.
    • Providers would no longer have the headaches of filing claims for different healthcare plans, from different insurers, with different systems.
    • Since the profit motive would be taken out of healthcare financing, there would no longer be arbitrary denial of claims, and long appeal processes.


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