Sample Tweets

A few examples…

To help with digital messaging, we’re providing a few sample tweets! Feel free to use the language directly, or use the facts and figures to create your own original messaging. Reminder: it always helps to add a video or a graphic to your tweets to drive your point home. Feel free to match any of these tweets with options from our gallery!


  • This isn’t about Republicans vs Democrats. This is insurance companies vs the American people. #MedicareforAll
  • #MedicareForAll is the only way to ensure everyone has high-quality healthcare.
  • We have the most expensive healthcare system in the world, but over 80 million people are uninsured or underinsured. It makes no sense. It’s time for #MedicareforAll
  • Our for-profit healthcare system hurts small businesses, workers, patients, doctors, and families. There’s a much better way #MedicareforAll
  • I haven’t taken money from insurance companies in this race, because I know how desperately we need #MedicareForAll
  • People always ask how we can afford #MedicareForAll, but we have the most expensive health care system in the world. They should ask how we can afford what we have now.
  • Health care costs are rising faster than wages. I’m fighting for #MedicareForAll to put more money in workers pockets.
  • The wealthiest nation on earth shouldn’t have a single resident without health insurance. That’s why I support #MedicareForAll
  • Health problems shouldn’t lead to financial problems. That’s why we need #MedicareForAll.
  • We’re the only wealthy country in the world where people go bankrupt trying to pay their medical bills. We need #MedicareForAll.
  • Taxes aren’t what’s hurting American businesses. Health care costs are. We need #MedicareForAll to keep our economy competitive.
  • People shouldn’t have to start a Go Fund Me to pay their medical bills. #MedicareForAll would ensure everyone has high quality healthcare.
  • The majority of small business owners say health insurance costs make it more difficult for them to give raises and bonuses. #MedicareForAll is pro-business and pro-workers.
  • #MedicareForAll is more than a moral imperative, it’s an economic one.
  • You shouldn’t have to fight with your insurance company to get healthcare. We need #MedicareForAll
  • #MedicareForAll would create a better healthcare system, and a better economy.
  • #MedicareForAll would save lives and the economy. All we need is the political will.