Policy 101 – How Do We Pay for Health Care Now?

Medicare For All Basics

How Do We Pay for Health Care Now?

The Short Answer

A complex mixture of targeted public programs, employer sponsored insurance, individuals purchasing insurance on the marketplace, and out of pocket costs.

The Details

You can get specific stats on your state here. 

But here are the nation-wide statistics for primary insurance:

  • About 49% of Americans are on employer sponsored insurance.
  • About 7% of Americans have purchased insurance on the individual marketplace.
  • About 19% of people are on Medicaid.
  • About 14% of people are on Medicare.
  • About 2% of people use another public program, which includes the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense.
  • About 1 in every 11 Americans is uninsured.

Keep in mind, on top of the nearly 40 million people who don’t have insurance, there are about 41 million more people who are underinsured, meaning that, even with their insurance, their healthcare costs are financially devastating.

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